What I Use

I love the idea behind sharing your setup. Peeking into what other people use influences how I develop my own workflow, but I’ve never shared the results. My favorites, coincidentally, are Zach Holman’s and Jeff Atwood’s, though both are now very dated. My setup might not be entirely unique, but I love it nonetheless.

I use OS X on a 2013 Macbook Air. I don’t really suggest non-Apple laptops these days because I admire the usability of OS X and Apple’s build quality. If I picked, I would’ve gone with the non-existent Retina Air. The Air has enough power to run VMware Fusion and a colossal amount of tasks with relative ease, but it’s also light I love the battery life on it. I click with the Vortex Poker 3, a Cherry MX Blue 60% keyboard. Mechanical keyboard explanations can cause eyes to gloss over, so I’ll skip that. It’s great (buy one today).

For web browsing, I use Chrome with uBlock, Hacked Hacker News, and a relatively new addition called Unsplash Instant. Unsplash instant replaces the new tab page with eye catching royalty free photos each day. I was using Momentum for a long time, but recently switched – the photos weren’t changing enough for my taste. I have a few less interesting extensions too. I’m pretty sure I just keep them around because I don’t want the extension bar to change.

I chat with friends using Telegram and Slack, and journal with Day One. I switched from Hangouts to Telegram because Secret Chats are built in, and the NSA can’t watch those (famous last words). Slack basically replaced all of my group chat systems, and I don’t keep Steam open anymore for IMs as a result.

I stay organized with OmniFocus for Mac and iOS. Chris Bowler has an excellent post on The Sweet Setup about GTD app suites – it covers how and why I use OmniFocus exceptionally well.

I write code in Sublime Text 3 with Cola, Solarized, and some other extensions and settings from my user folder. I use iTerm and Alfred too. I mostly write Ruby and C#.

On servers, I like to run CentOS with Tarsnap. Both are quite nice. On my personal devices, I have Dropbox and Google Drive, but backup code with git and Github.

For security, I use Yubikeys and U2F tokens, both made by Yubico, and Authy. I definitely recommend two factor authentication, strong passwords, and hardware based security tokens on sites that support them. I also use Tor to evade censorship, and run a Tor middle relay (you should too). I switched from Lastpass to 1Password before the whole LogMeIn thing.

For life, I use Tazo Awake English Breakfast and Coke.

Updated January, 2016: Added OmniFocus, changed some wording, and removed Momentum screenshot from the top.

Updated March, 2016: Switched from Momentum Dash to Unsplash Instant for replacing the Chrome new tab page.


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