What happened to Pryaxis Jump?

Well, basically:

  1. It served its purpose in my life. I helped teach a lot of students a lot of information security principles.
  2. It made enough money to make supporting it a problem, but not enough to make supporting it worthwhile. It was a serious platform for a few key users, but not serious enough that I could justify continuing to offer support.
  3. It was built for a very segmented market. The cross section of high domain knowledge with high security knowledge was too small to enable a viable long term market to help #2.

I think CyberPatriot is a great operation, and I think it does a lot to encourage STEM at an early age. I think it does a reasonable job at teaching information security principles to students. I don’t think it’s accurate in the real world in a lot of ways, but it’s a great exercise. Jump served a role, but with more accessible score engines, its role is less important.

 Will it be open sourced?

Maybe. Probably. Eventually. Don’t count on anything super close to soon.

 Can I use it commercially / buy it?

The service is discontinued and will not be offered commercially.


There are some pretty important people who helped me with Jump, through help, motivation, inspiration, and everything in between. Thank you, everyone.


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